Private Label Herbals (OEM)

We Undertake Private labeling, we can provide you a total Solution from the bulk product to the value added finish product. We will do the designs, developments, packaging approvals & shipping for your own Brand.

Based on our 10 years of experience in the tea and spice industry in Sri Lanka, we offer cooperation that will allow you to:

  1. Increase its market share without investment in equipment, personnel and industrial areas;
  2. Increase the competitiveness of your company due to the sought-after range;
  3. Increase loyalty of regular customers due to the offer of quality goods at competitive prices.

Our production capabilities allow us to produce products of the following range under Private Label:

  • Black tea, green weight without additives, as well as flavored and / or with natural additives (flowers, fruits, berries, pieces of freeze-dried fruit).
  • Herbal tea and / or blend of phyto-raw materials
  • Black, green tea, herbal tea in filter bags with a label and without a label with additives / without additives
  • For tea products, all types of packaging are possible: a soft polymer film transparent or with a pattern, cardboard packaging,

We are ready to provide all stages of creating your products – from the selection of raw materials, creation of design and certification to the delivery of finished products to your warehouse.

    VDL Lanka Holdings (Pvt) Ltd offers tea and spices making services under your private label (Private Label) our special attention to the quality and safety of the production process leads towards sustainable business. We use direct supplies of raw materials from the best manufacturers in Sri Lanka allow to produce high-quality products in Sri Lanka, which are successfully sold in all over the world.


    No: 109 Rahula Road, Mulleriyawa New Town, Sri Lanka


    +94 77 46 50003