About Us


VDL Lanka Holdings (Pvt) Ltd is a partnership business build on ethical business practices. Our company was incorporated to provide our business partners & consumers Ceylon origin authentic products which are manufactured & distributed based on Business ethics, Quality, Goodness & Integrity.

We understand the market needs, quality products & ethical businessmen to grow home grown packed as source agricultural products. We empower our supply chain, our employees & our business partners around the world to sell out Ceylon branded products which has supreme quality & goodness.


o Authentic Products & Brands- (VISHVA Finest Ceylon Tea) (VISHVA Ceylon Spices) (VISHVA Ceylon Herbs)
o Garden Fresh- All our products are home grown straight from the garden
o Passionate- Our team is passionate in our brands and products which we sell.
o Ethical- Ethical Business Practices
o Traditional- We use traditional methods to preserve quality
o Finest Quality- All our sourcing & manufacturing is quality approved.
o Natural- We do not use artificial ingredients all natural goodness.
o Sustainable- We believe in sustainable development to grow together.
o Integrity- Honesty is our key element to growth.


To become a leading exporter to the world by creating world accepted brands from VDL Lanka Holdings (Pvt) Ltd.


We believe in quality products to our business partners & consumers. We ensure highest quality parameters before any product is manufactured, purchased or exported fromVDL Lanka Holdings (Pvt) Ltd. We will take all steps to ensure our products meet the global standards.


    VDL Lanka Holdings (Pvt) Ltd offers tea and spices making services under your private label (Private Label) our special attention to the quality and safety of the production process leads towards sustainable business. We use direct supplies of raw materials from the best manufacturers in Sri Lanka allow to produce high-quality products in Sri Lanka, which are successfully sold in all over the world.


    No: 109 Rahula Road, Mulleriyawa New Town, Sri Lanka


    +94 77 46 50003